We are excited to announce the availability of a toolkit designed to assist IDEAS Study participating sites to provide press releases to local media as well as facilitate physician-to-physician communication about the IDEAS Study.

There are three broad uses for the toolkit:

  1. Customizable press releases for local media outlet for both PET imaging facilities and referring physician practices
  2. Outreach letters by PET Imaging facilities looking to expand their referral network of Dementia Experts
  3. E-mails from Dementia Experts to primary care physicians who may have patients meeting the IDEAS Study eligibility criteria. These materials will also help increase awareness among primary care providers as to the potential value of amyloid PET imaging for their patients.

The material included in this toolkit is approved by IDEAS Study and the central IRB, Schulman Associates. Since the IDEAS Study advertising policy requires all marketing material to be approved, use of the items in the toolkit decreases the effort needed for marketing development, approval, and implementation. As a reminder, all study-related material provided to IDEAS dementia specialists must be IRB approved since these physicians are both research subjects as well as investigators for the IDEAS Study. Sites working with local IRBs will need to follow the local submission requirements following approval by IDEAS. The use of unapproved materials to recruit for IDEAS could result in removal of a participating site from the Study.

Toolkit Items: