Update from the IDEAS Study Operations Office – 2.18.2016

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  • February 18, 2016
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It is rewarding to see the number of sites interested in the IDEAS Study!  Full information is available at https://www.ideas-study.org . Referring physician practices and PET imaging facilities will need to register separately; below, you may review the process from registration to activation.  The person registering the site or facility becomes the point person (Administrator) for all communications from our staff at the IDEAS operations office.

Referring Physician Practice (Dementia Specialist)



PET Imaging Facility

Several Tips:

  • All IDEAS Study PET Facility/Practice Administrators have access to view the progress of participating physicians at the respective site from INCOMPLETE to UNDER REVIEW to APPROVED.  The ACR will approve a site if there is only ONE APPROVED physician so as not to hold up any one site from activation; it is the site’s responsibility to ensure that all physicians have completed the requirements: 1) establish an ACR ID, log in and answer physician-specific questions and 2) upload the IRB-stamped consent form.  In addition, all dementia specialists are required to view the Best Practices webinar on the Alzheimer’s Association site; we receive a weekly update of those physicians who have viewed the webinar.
  • The database role of IDEAS Practice or Facility Administrator has access to add/delete all IDEAS database users at a site which triggers a system-generated e-mail to each participant. The administrator can re-send that invitation if the e-mail has been lost by clicking on EDIT USER and RE-SEND INVITE.  (This is only for sites/users added after January 14.)  The invitation e-mail includes 2 links:  one will allow you to establish the ACR ID.  After establishing the ACR ID, one must return to the invitation e-mail and CLICK on the 2nd link to connect oneself to the IDEAS database and then LOG IN.  If you were added to a site before January 14, look in your SPAM or JUNK e-mail for an e-mail from ACR Support advising you of your ACR ID and providing a temporary password.
  • All business associate agreements and contracts require legal counsel review and execution.  The executed contract will be returned to the person submitting it at IDEAS-Contracts@acr.org.  Please anticipate at least 10 business days for completion of this task at a minimum.
  • Registration is NOT complete until one has touched SUBMIT.  A Registrant may always return to a fully submitted registration and make changes to it or upload a required document, but until it is submitted, no action is taken on it.


Looking forward to a great study!


The IDEAS-Study Operations Team


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