Post-PET Visit and Clinical Assessment Form Completion – 5.16.2016

To: Referring Physicians:

Please review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and responses below:

It was my understanding the dementia specialist didn’t have to wait 90 days to see the patient for follow up. Is there any way that the specialist would eventually be able to input the POST-PET data before this 90 day period since patient would be seen earlier than this time frame?

Two visits are recommended:
1. Clinical visit to provide feedback on scan results (not mandated in study protocol but recommended based on best practices of providing timely feedback, preferred in person)
2. 90 day post-PET (mandated in study protocol, to record actual implemented patient management, in person)
The post-PET form is completed at 90 days and not immediately post-PET in order to record actual implemented management, as opposed to the intended management recommended immediately post-PET but not yet implemented. The 90 day post PET visit is expected to be done in person unless extraneous circumstances arise.
To put it in concrete terms: we are interested whether someone who was at baseline medication naïve is actually on a medication at 90 days post-PET (actual implemented management), rather than whether it was recommended immediately after the scan (intended management).

Is it possible to do the 90 day follow up by telephone, rather than in person with the subject?
Telephone follow up is allowed only in very rare, unusual situations in which the patient may be physically unable to return to the practice. The percentage of cases in which a referring physician indicates telephone follow up at 90 days is being monitored and could trigger site disqualification.

The IDEAS-Study Operations Team

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