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IDEAS Study Outreach Toolkit Now Available
New toolkit can aid your outreach to other doctors and spur patient accrual with IRB-approved materials. Read more.Medicare Claims Assistance for IDEAS Imaging Facilities
An IDEAS claims consultant can help with reimbursement issues. If denied payment, email using Claims Denial Checklist instructions. Please see the Sample Medicare Claims Form and other online resources for help on completing claims forms. Read more.

Attend IDEAS Study Event at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference
Talk to the IDEAS Study principal investigator and IDEAS staff July 26 from 12–2 p.m. ET at the Delta Hotel Toronto (75 Lower Simcoe St., Parkdale Room) during the AAIC meeting. RSVP here.

461 Active Sites
246 Dementia Specialists
215 PET Facilities

2569 Patients Enrolled


Referring Physician Practice Tip — Avoid Protocol Violations!
The Pre-PET clinical assessment form and case registration must both be submitted before the PET scan may commence. The case will cancel 30 days after the pre-PET submission if the PET Completion case report form is not submitted. If the PET scan has NOT been conducted (why no PET completion form submitted), that subject may be re-registered by the dementia specialist and a new case registration and pre-PET case report form submitted.

PET Imaging Facility Tip – Case Cancellation
A PET facility must complete the PET scan within 30 days of the pre-PET submission date or the case will cancel. Reminder: PET imaging facilities must electronically submit (using name/password) the following data to ensure an IDEAS confirmation allowing the facility to submit a bill to Medicare.

          • PET Completion case report form
          • PET Report case report form
          • PET Assessment case report form

PET scans should also be submitted in a timely manner to the ACR archive via TRIAD. PET Facility staff will not find the case listed in the TRIAD portal if a specific participant refused collection in the informed consent.
What Year was the PET scan invented?
Answer in the next issue

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will managed Medicare plans (Medicare Advantage) reimburse for scans done as part of the IDEAS Study?
Answer: Yes, Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries are eligible to be included in the IDEAS Study. The MA plans will make payments for MA enrollees. IDEAS Study claims should be billed to the MA plan. This policy is located here.
Question: Are Medicare Advantage beneficiaries who participate in the IDEAS Study liable for cost-share such as co-payment and deductibles?
Answer: Beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are responsible for cost-share under their MA plan, meaning that the deductible is NOT waived. The PET provider should bill the MA enrollee for any cost-sharing; this includes both co-payments and deductibles. Read more on Medicare reimbursement.


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