Does knowing the truth hep with alzheimers?

Does knowing the truth help in Alzheimer’s?

health — Mental Health Updated: April 29, 2016 — 8:51 AM EDT by Stacey Burling, Staff Writer Mark Karasow and his wife, Connie Bastek-Karasow, are part of a giant national experiment to determine whether more precise diagnoses can help patients with hard-to-diagnose dementia symptoms even though there still is little Continue Reading


Q&A: Dementia Expert and Radiologist Share Their IDEAS Study Experience to Date

  Bright IDEAS spoke with Erik Roberson, MD, PhD, and Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham about their experiences in the IDEAS-Study. McConathy is an radiologist; Roberson is a neurologist. They address important topics, including:   Patient/participant satisfaction Paperwork Reimbursement   (Bright IDEAS): Please describe Continue Reading

Enrollment Cap Policy for IDEAS Study Dementia Specialists -11.17.2016

Enrollment Cap Policy The IDEAS Study has instituted an enrollment cap for each referring physician (dementia expert) participating in the study. The policy’s intent is to increase study generalizability by promoting diversity in dementia expert representation and patient recruitment across socio-demographic and geographic populations. For each individual referring physician, the Continue Reading

Ideas Study Bright Ideas Newsletter -July 13,2016

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  • July 13, 2016
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IDEAS Study Outreach Toolkit Now Available New toolkit can aid your outreach to other doctors and spur patient accrual with IRB-approved materials. Read more.Medicare Claims Assistance for IDEAS Imaging Facilities An IDEAS claims consultant can help with reimbursement issues. If denied payment, email using Claims Denial Checklist instructions. Please Continue Reading

IDEAS Study Medicare Claim Denials – Please Let Us Know!- 5.30.2016

TO: IDEAS Study PET imaging facility administrators (please forward as needed to coders and billers) The IDEAS Study is aware that a number of Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and Medicare Advantage plans are denying claims for amyloid PET scans performed under the IDEAS Study Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) program. Continue Reading

Post-PET Visit and Clinical Assessment Form Completion – 5.16.2016

To: Referring Physicians: Please review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and responses below: Question: It was my understanding the dementia specialist didn’t have to wait 90 days to see the patient for follow up. Is there any way that the specialist would eventually be able to input the POST-PET data Continue Reading

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Alzheimer’s study underway on a potential diagnostic tool

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  • May 2, 2016
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By Jocelyn Maminta Medical/Health Reporter Published: April 27, 2016, 5:27 pm MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A nationwide study is underway that could improve the standard of care for Alzheimer’s Disease.The focus is on brain images – that may be able to help doctors determine if someone has Alzheimer’s.An image of Continue Reading

IDEAS Study – PET Facilities – Medicare Reimbursement Information – 4.26.2016

TO: IDEAS Study PET imaging facility administrators (please forward as needed) • Sample Medicare Claims and a Site Checklist have now been posted to the IDEAS website at: the forms page. • Novitas Solutions, Inc. important guidelines affecting the IDEAS Study Effective on April 20, 2016 Novitas has updated the Continue Reading

IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION for dementia specialist practices -4.17.2016

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  • April 17, 2016
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We are delighted to announce that the IDEAS Study database now includes the features for referring physician (dementia specialists) practices to enter the person who will be responsible for providing tax and banking account information. This person will have a “role” in our secure database as “financial user.” The IDEAS Continue Reading