Q&A: IDEAS Study Opens Diagnostic Options for Complicated Dementia Cases

informationBright IDEAS spoke with Constantine Lyketsos, M.D., M.H.S., Elizabeth Plank Althouse Professor for Alzheimer’s Research, director of the Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center and associate director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, all at Johns Hopkins. The Imaging Dementia-Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study is an open-label, longitudinal cohort study Continue Reading


Q&A: Dementia Expert and Radiologist Share Their IDEAS Study Experience to Date

  Bright IDEAS spoke with Erik Roberson, MD, PhD, and Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham about their experiences in the IDEAS-Study. McConathy is an radiologist; Roberson is a neurologist. They address important topics, including:   Patient/participant satisfaction Paperwork Reimbursement   (Bright IDEAS): Please describe Continue Reading