How to Participate

PET Facilities with PET brain imaging accreditation are welcome to apply for participation in the IDEAS Study.

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The PET facility must document that it has experience performing brain PET, PET/CT, or PET/MRI with one of the FDA-approved amyloid imaging agents or with F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose or with both.

Amyloid PET scans will be interpreted by physicians who are board-certified in radiology or nuclear medicine and who have completed the vendor-provided, tracer-specific training program provided for each radiopharmaceutical that they will use. The physician must also consent to participate in the study (in order to allow their interpretations to be used for research purposes) and to adhere to protocol procedures. Please review the slides below from the PET Facility Investigator Meeting Presentation held January 20, 2016. Click here to access the full audio for the meeting and follow up questions.


PET Facility Investigator Meeting Presentation


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Participating PET facilities and interpreting physicians will be reimbursed for global or technical and professional services, respectively, provided to the Medicare beneficiary patient, under CMS Coverage with Evidence Development, which requires research study participation as a condition of Medicare payment. Each PET facility will pay $50 for each patient imaged as part of the IDEAS Study by establishing an escrow account with the ACR with a minimum balance of $250 (5 cases @ $50 per case).

Image Collection

The PET images will be collected for this study via TRIAD, a proprietary software package which de-identifies images at a site and enables transmission via the Internet. The images will be archived at the ACRIN Core Lab.


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