Getting Started

The first person to register the practice will automatically become the IDEAS Practice Administrator and will add all others (site staff and physicians) to the practice. It is suggested that this role be filled by a study coordinator at a larger practice, while either the physician or an office administrator may want to fill this role at a solo or smaller practice. Please Note: There is only ONE Practice Administrator per site.

Step 1: Create ACR ID and Register Site – New Practice Registration – CLOSED 11MAY2017

****Do NOT register the physician for an ACR ID until you have completely registered the practice. This will result in duplicate registrations!

PLEASE NOTE: The password must contain more than 10 characters and contain at 3 of following items: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, or symbol.


Step 2: Submit IRB Application – Submission to Schulman IRB – CLOSED 11May2017

Click here (IDEAS-IRB) for additional information regarding (IRB) submission.


Step 3: Referring Physician Agreement


Step 4: Site User: Account Activation

Link #1

This link contains programming code that connects a user with an existing ACR ID to an IDEAS site. This allows the radiologists to register to use a single sign on and interpret amyloid scans at multiple locations. See link #1 text below:

If you have been given your ACR ID (username) by an ACR staff member or your practice administrator and you are being added to an existing, registered site, you should click on this link which is only active for 10 days:

Link #2

Users who do not have an ACR ID should select this link as it allows the user to create an ACR ID. See link #2 text below:

If you or your site has never registered for the IDEAS study and wish to register your site for the study, you must first create an ACR ID by clicking on this link:


*****Once the email is received containing the ACR ID and temporary password, the user should return to the IDEAS invitation email and select link #1. This will connect the user to the site.