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Is the New IDEAS Study Enrolling New Participants?

No. The New IDEAS Study stopped enrolling new participants on March 1, 2024. Call 866-507-7254 or email newideas-participant@alz.org, and we can connect you with memory care resources and a memory care doctor.

You can also use our Site Finder to find a memory care doctor or PET imaging facility near you. Patients who were already enrolled in the study before March 1, 2024 should talk to their memory care doctor about what they need to do to complete the study.


What Is the New IDEAS Study?

New IDEAS is a nationwide research study for people who have memory loss. The study is looking at a type of FDA-approved brain imaging called an amyloid PET scan. It is a safe, non-invasive test that takes pictures of your brain.

New IDEAS is trying to find out if your PET scan results help guide your doctor in diagnosing and treating your memory condition. We want to see if this leads to better health for you.

Find a Doctor

Search below to find a referring physician practice (dementia specialist) or a PET imaging facility.

Patients Who Have Joined New IDEAS But Not Yet Completed the Study

Approximately 3–6 months



1 visit with your memory care doctor before the scan.

1 amyloid PET scan visit.

1 visit with your memory care doctor after the scan.


You will receive $75 if you participate in the optional study blood draw.


Medicare will cover the primary cost of your amyloid PET scan. Any co-pay costs for the PET scan will be covered by the study.

You will pay for:

  • the deductible for the PET scan
  • any copays for visits with your memory care doctor