What to Expect

Patients Who Have Joined New IDEAS But Not Yet Completed the Study

First, you will need to be seen by a memory care doctor who is part of the New IDEAS Study. A memory care doctor is a physician who has been trained in assessing memory concerns. Your doctor will help you decide if the study is right for you. Learn more about what to expect at a memory care workup.

If you joined the study you will:

Optional study components:

  • Complete a blood draw. This blood will be stored for future use. You will be compensated $75 for the blood draw. View instructions on how to schedule blood collection.
  • Allow your PET scan to be stored for future use.
  • Allow the Alzheimer’s Association to contact you about future research studies.

You are not required to do any of these optional tasks if you join the study.


Approximately 3–6 months



1 visit with your memory care doctor before the scan.

1 amyloid PET scan visit.

1 visit with your memory care doctor after the scan.


You will receive $75 if you participate in the optional study blood draw.


Medicare will cover the primary cost of your amyloid PET scan. Any co-pay costs for the PET scan will be covered by the study.

You will pay for:

  • the deductible for the PET scan
  • any copays for visits with your memory care doctor


Is It Safe?

  • The amyloid PET scan is both safe, painless, and non-invasive.
  • The risk of participating in this study are low.
  • Talk to your memory care doctor for more information about patient safety.

Is There a Cost?

If you join the study, your PET scan will be covered by Medicare as a medical benefit. You will only pay the deductible required for the test under your plan. Visits to your memory doctor will be billed to your insurance. You will pay your regular copay for these visits.

Find a Doctor

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