Marketing Toolkit

The following marketing toolkits are designed to help New IDEAS registered providers reach out to potential participants and other providers in their communities regarding the New IDEAS Study. Additional tools will be made available throughout the duration of the study. Please review the guidelines below prior to use.

Toolkit Guidelines

We are excited to announce the availability of a toolkit designed to assist New IDEAS Study participating sites with recruiting potential participants as well as with facilitating physician-to-physician communication about the New IDEAS Study. There are three broad uses for the toolkit: 

  1. Patient-facing recruitment materials. These materials have been approved for use by the study, but must still receive IRB approval for use at each site. The only materials that this applies to are those indicted as such (i.e. needs IRB approval before use).
  2. Customizable physician-to-physician emails to increase awareness of New IDEAS within communities.
  3. Customizable press releases for local media outlet for both PET imaging facilities and referring physician practices.

The material included in this toolkit is approved by the New IDEAS Study and the central IRB, Advarra. Since the New IDEAS Study advertising policy requires all marketing material to be approved, use of the items in the toolkit decreases individual site effort for marketing development, approval and implementation. The use of unapproved materials to recruit for IDEAS could result in removal of a participating site from the study.

Dementia Specialist Site Toolkit

Help increase awareness among primary care providers of the potential value of amyloid PET imaging for their patients.

Email Template for Primary Care and Family Providers: Option 1 | Option 2 (.docx)

PET Facility Toolkit

PET imaging facilities looking to expand their referral network of dementia experts:

Email template for PET Facilities to Dementia Specialists (.docx)

The New IDEAS Study seeks broad participation by providers who will ensure dissemination of this opportunity across all populations and thereby ensure the generalizability of the results achieved from the study. To achieve this objective, it is understood that referring physician practices and PET imaging facilities may wish to employ marketing materials that will help educate the community they serve, promote awareness of the New IDEAS Study and their participation in the study, and stimulate potential subjects to seek a qualified New IDEAS Study provider for potential enrollment in the study.

Given the complexity of the study design, the degree of interaction between referring physician and PET imaging facility, and the various different business models employed by participating sites, the New IDEAS Study team has established a policy on the use of marketing materials. This policy is intended to ensure that all marketing/advertising contains accurate information and that such material is consistent with principles of human subject protection.

Policy Statement

  • All marketing materials to be used by New IDEAS Study participating sites must be approved by the New IDEAS Study.
  • Pre-approved marketing materials will be provided in the New IDEAS Study Toolkit on the New IDEAS Study website, and may be used without further review by the New IDEAS Study. Patient-facing materials have been pre-approved by Advarra IRB, but will still require additional approval for use at individual sites.
  • Marketing materials developed by sites should be submitted to A New IDEAS Study subcommittee will review proposed marketing materials for accuracy and consistency with the study protocol and study operating principles. Results of reviews will be provided to the requesting site as promptly as possible, and generally within 30 days.
  • Site-developed material should be submitted as follows:
    • PET Facility: PET facilities must submit marketing materials to Approval or edits will be provided to the facility for implementation.
    • Dementia Specialist Practice: Submit marketing materials to Approval or edits will be provided back to the site and then forwarded to Advarra by the New IDEAS Study. Advarra approval and/or edits will be incorporated by the New IDEAS Study and a final approved version will be provided to the dementia expert for use.
  • Failure by sites to comply with this policy or requirements specified by the New IDEAS Study may result in termination of the participating site or facility as detailed in the New IDEAS Study Participating Site Agreement or the PET Facility Data Use Agreement, respectively.
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